The emoji meaning and different type of emoji dictionary


Use emoji for expressing your feelings and emotions:

Emoji is one of the most powerful mean through which you can express your feelings and emotions. When your words fail to express your feelings, then they are always there for your help. You just have to understand well the emoji meaning. By doing this, you can use them very well in your messages, emails and the textual description of the social media to convey your ideas and messages. They are the trend of today. People use them instead of writing long letters and words.

The different type of emoji dictionary:



There are many emoji dictionary that you can use to express your feelings and other things. Some of them are also here for you. You have to understand well the emoji meaning before using them. Have a look at these dictionaries to get a better idea about the emoji.



  • Emotions emoji:

Emotions emojis are used to express your current mood and feelings. They are the most popular one that an ordinary man uses in his/her messages.

  • People emoji:

If you want to describe the type of individuals, then you have to use the people emoji like a man, women, girl, boy, prince, princess, etc.

  • Gestures emoji:

Gestures are used to express your hand expressions like thumb up, thumbs down, raised hand and many more of them.

  • Food emoji:

If you are eating some food and want to convey this to your friends, then you can use the food emoji. They are the most trending ones in the market of emojis.

There are many another emoji dictionary that is very famous in the world. All you have to do in these is, to understand well the emoji meaning before using them. You can use these at any time when your words fail to describe your mood and thoughts.

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