The best Trademark registration service provider in India

The best Trademark registration

What is meant by Trademark?

If we want to understand the term trademark in simple terms, then we will take it as a logo or brand that will represent our business in the worldwide market. It is a visual symbol that is like the word signature, device, label, numerals, name or the combination of particular colors that will get used by the owner of the trademark for different services and goods. The articles of commerce are also in this to distinguish them from other similar products or the services that will originate from a different business.

It can be a word, logo, brand name, wrapper, tagline, packaging labels and also the combination of things mentioned above. They are used to manufacture things or to provide the services to identify their particular services and goods.  They work as a distinguisher between the things from the competitors.

Trademark registration in India:

Trademarks in the India are registered under the controller general of patents designs and the trademarks, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Government of India. The act of these trademarks is Act 1999, with proper rights of sue for the holders. One trademark is for ten years, and you can easily renew them after these particular years. Once you register, your unique logo can’t be used by anyone other than you and your company.

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