Some textile testing equipment’s you must know about


Why textile testing is important?

People have become very conscious about the product they buy, and the standard of wearing is also very high these days. Buyers check many things before they purchase something. Quality management is the best way of gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors and sell more products. You can maintain the quality of your fabrics and textile by doing air permeability test.

What is air permeability?

Well, you might have heard this term before but in the sense of fabrics and textile air permeability of fabric means that you check how much air pass in one second from 1cm thick fabric. This test is very important if you are making a textile-based product, it gives a high-quality fabric, and you will get a positive response from your buyer if you show them the results test they will be able to trust you and your product. Air permeability is high in low-quality fabrics, and it is low in high-quality fabrics.

Which fabrics go for air permeability tests?

Most of the time this test is used for all of the fabrics and clothes but above all this test is best for making waterproof clothes but raincoats, down proof fabrics and parachutes for diving are more often go through these tests. Air permeability is checked through textile testing equipments with a simple procedure. A piece of cloth is placed in the machine, and then air is passed through it and pressure is increased and decreased to check the quality. On the other end of the machine is a meter that determines how much air is passing through the fabrics every second and that is how air permeability of fabric is measured.

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