Fire Emblem Wiki


Fire Emblem Wiki is a video game franchise released by Nintendo and developed by Intelligent Systems. It allows the gamer to simulate tactical role-playing within the game. Through this game, the gamer can control the tactics and movement of the characters across the grid, while building a story and characters which resemble the traditional role-playing games. This is a whole franchise which has released several games over the years has also gained a lot of success. Fire Emblem’s first game was released in the 1990’s and the latest has been released in 2017. This game was initially released from Japan all over the world but then in 2003 the franchise branched out and started releasing characters outside of Japan which resulted to be very fortunate for the franchise.

The characters from this game have also been used as cross-overs in other games which has also been successful. The Fire Emblem Series include a total of fifteen games which have all been a great success except the decline they faced in the early 2000’s which almost caused the franchise to be closed off but other than that this game has always been liked by people all over the world


Interesting Features of Fire Emblem: The Game

  • Role-Playing: The most enjoyable and noticeable feature of this game is the tactical role-playing this game delivers. You can be anything and anyone in this game and fight by being whoever you want with very good and unique qualities of every character. The role-playing is the first thing that the gamer likes and to be able to choose from such a variety is liked by gamers which is rarely available in other games.
  • Permanent Death of Characters: Another very cool feature is the permanent death of the characters in the game. If a character dies during the battle then he is permanently terminated from the game and cannot be brought back. So, in this way it gives a very real-life feeling which is enjoyed by the gamers.
  • Fire Emblem: The object ‘Fire Emblem’ is a royally treasured shield or weapon which represents a power of weapons, wars and the elements or whatever the series of game is about. It sis the core weapon in all their games and is the most prized possession of the gamers.

Disliked features of Fire Emblem: The Game

    • Characters :As the Fire Emblem Wiki allows the gamers to build a whole royal family and kingdom there are some characters that are disliked by the gamers generally. The reason can be anything. It can be as simple as that just the character looks ugly or the character might have bad intentions for the player’s favorite character. So, some characters are disliked by the gamers which may or may not have a reason.
  • Being the Lord: In the recent games of Fire Emblem, the new feature is that the gamer has complete control over the game world and can do anything he wants but he cannot control the features of their own character which proves frustrating for the customer and in turn, for the dislike.
  • Story: In the recent games, there has been some changes to the story of the game which are not liked by the gamers and in turn, causing them to dislike the game.

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