How to compress and decompress files using B6ZIp


Communication speed and B6Z

The world has become so fast that you would not dare to lose a minute and information technology is improving day by day so that you can perfume your work faster and more efficiently than before. There are many companies who have offices located in other countries or cities and daily transfer of data is headache so compressing files into small files can ease the pain. As B6zip provides this facility and it works perfectly.

B6Z uses LZMA method and its features

There is verity in everything now even if you buy a small candy you will have different flavors in it. Same goes with the B6zip you have verity of methods that can perform compression. LZMA2, LAZMA, DEFLATE, PPMD and BZip2. Some of the major features of B6zip are AES-256 encryption, High compression Ratio, open architecture etc.

How to compress and decompress a file?

It uses simple method or technology to convert high storage data file into a small size file that is easily transferable over the networks and in offices.  This method is to use less bit encoding method and it uses less bit do encode the larger file into small file with same data.

  • open B6zip software
  • open the files you want to compress
  • select the files you want to compress
  • right click> compress items
  • to decompress select the files and click decompress items

If you want to open a B6z file on the Mac or MacBook you will need its application to do so. You will need to decompress the file to open it and extract the encoded information.

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