Blanka Barbara’s “Summer Hideout” finally available on Spotify


Blanka Barbara – a new electronica artist is making her mark in the ambient house music world:

Blanka Barbara is one of the most promising female producers, whose maturing style opens a new way in the inexplicable electronic music world. The UK-based artist is now ready to share her experimental album “Summer Hideout” and challenges the audience to delve into it. Her stunning synthesizer skills take the public’s breath away from the first few notes, allowing her to take them into a wonderful adventure they will never forget. Her performances are inexplicably touching ambient journeys inspired by nature.

Summer Hideout – the kind touch of nature:

Blanka Barbara is out in public with her new short album that is now available on all online markets – Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and more. You can hear all the tracks of this new album and can feel the summer crawling through your headphones. In short, I have to admit, Blanka Barbara is one of the few artists in the ambient electronic music world with a mesmerizing sound that makes you want to listen to her over and over again. #stunningsound #ambientworld #blankabarbara #electronicaartist

  • Flying Ocean: If you are an ocean lover, then you can feel this track from the core of your heart. While listening to the music, close your eyes and picture the magic of the ocean, how wide and vast it is, how deep and dark are the waters. The music definitely helps you dive deep into your own thoughts and become the wave…
  • Opium Fumes: This 7-minute long track was, according to a recent interview with the female producer Blanka Barbara, intended for a theatrical play. Opium Fumes suggests a scene of an apartment filled with smoke so thick you aren’t able to see through it… Bodies lying around, incredible hallucinations and mesmerizing visions enter your mind.
  • Strawberry Fiends: Ever wondered what the strawberry demons sound like? Well, Blanka Barbara has made it easy for you – they are jumpy, energetic and occasionally play percussion instruments. This is the shortest and the most dance-like track out of all albums created by female producer Blanka Barbara so far.
  • Sunray Dive: Enjoy the sunshine with this bright warm track! Put on your headphones, click Spotify and choose to listen to all tracks by Blanka Barbara at random! It will be an ambient journey of your life. Compare her sunny style to Jean-Michel Jarre or Brian Eno – will she become a new generation of ambient music world?

For full discography of Blanka Barbara and to find out more, follow the link:

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