Aims of Wellington College & British Heritage

British College 3

Why selecting college is so important

College is a stage of study where a student decides whether he would like to be an engineer, doctor, or whatever he is going to do in his life. It is a very critical situation because your fracture is going to be depending on that and Wellington College & British Heritage is a school which is divided into three ages from pre-prep and prep to seniors. The college follows the national study curriculum of the England, and it has a high reputation among many colleges of England it is one of the best.

 Wellington College and aim of creating independent pupils

Wellington College & British Heritage is working on making their students different from the other world. The basic need of study for many students in different colleges is for degree and job only. However, our college is working for a greater good; we are making our pupils able to think out the margin and become independent in thinking. They must think differently, and they must support and believe their thinking even if no one does.

Wellington College & British Heritage

Aim the college is to develop the student in every sense, not just a degree and bookish knowledge but also in other creative activities. Every individual has a unique ability and has a unique approach to everything, and we encourage them to think globally rather than only concentrating on the classroom lesson and activities. Student of our college are satisfied with our methods, and about Wellington College & British Heritage, they think that this was a way for them to open up their ways to dreams.

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