360 IPL Fan Parks to be built nationwide for cities that do not host IPL matches


Stadium experience in 360 cities

IPL 2018 has just started, and people love it already. The matches are going very well, and you see that the BCCI has taken a good action to provide the environment of the live match in 360 different cities in all over the country. IPL is hosted in specific cities which have good grounds and good crowds, but people from all over India want to see the live experience of the IPL match. For such purpose, the BCCI has announced that they are going to build 360 Fan Park all over the country in different cities.

What is a cost to watch the match in Fan Park?

People want to feel the thrill that they feel in the stadium while they are watching the match in the cricket stadium but that is not possible for everyone. They could not come to Mumbai or other cities where IPL host these matches. Today IPL live score is not enough people want live experience of the stadium. That is why this Fan Park idea that came into existence in 2015 is an excellent success for BCCI as they are going to increase the amount of the park in next year. 360 Parks are enough for this serious. The best part about this park is that there would be a big screen in the stadium and the environment will be same, and there would be no cost to the cricket lover.

  • Free of cost
  • Near your city

Means they do not have to pay anything to watch the cricket match in the park. This step is taken to increase the fans of the IPL and to make roots of the IPL in the whole country.

The real fun of watching cricket is with gathering

Cricket is a kind of game that single person cannot enjoy but if you are in a big gathering than this is better entertainment than any other in the world. Your heart will always be pumping hard you will feel the noise in the air, and your heart will feel it. You when there will be a six or out your voice will shatter among thousands of others, and you will feel like you are sitting in the stadium of Mumbai where the match is being played that is what BCCI wants to provide in all the cities where BCCI make these parks.

Find a place and make a plan for Fan Park

If you live in a city where BCCI make these parks, then you must go today and watch the startup match in the stadium with thousands of other people. All the cricket lovers together in a stadium a moment that you should live at every cost You will find every other chance to be there, but you have to avail it as soon as possible. Many people will go to watch every match in the fan park because the fan and thrill that they are going to get there is not available in the home or on mobile. You need to get up and make a plan today to watch the match with your friends in a stadium and feel the real thrill of the match. IPL is about to start in few hours, and the biggest match of IPL is the first match and might be these two teams will be playing finals as well. Mumbai Indians and Chennai super kings both are best teams, and they are against each other today in Mumbai. Hurry up time is short seats might be full before you reach there. If your city is not one of the 360 cities, then do not be sad next year the number is going to increase.

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The best place to watch CRIC live streaming


Cricket – the passionate game of gentlemen:

Before telling you about the finest place to watch CRIC live streaming, let me say about the contents of cricket game.

Cricket is one of the most friendly game in the world. It started in the region of Englishmen when they started ruling over the subcontinent region. Later on, it spread in all over the world due to its uniqueness. Everyone loved to play cricket with their fellows and enemies. It was the game of gentlemen who have to control their nerves to get to the victory stand.

In the past, there were only the test matches between two nation. They have to play long innings, and that was the real test of their nerves. The conditions were very tough when they have to play the whole day for their survival. Later on, there come One Day Matches that include limited overs. That was the most passionate period of cricket game. Due to uniqueness in cricket, many new rules are also there by the ICC to set the game according to new players.

The finest place to watch CRIC live streaming:

Watching favorite matches on Television is the demand for everyone. All the cricket fans love to see their favorite players on television. For this reason, you can watch all your favorite matches from her. All of the matches are available in high definition results. If you have missed any of your matches, then you can watch highlights from here. Apart from living CRIC live streaming and cricket highlights, you can get all information related to this sport. Cricu Live is the best cricket website that gives you all the information related to cricket daily.

It is one of the best sport in the world. You can get complete guidance about cricket from here. We have an expert team of cricket analyst that will guide you in a proper way. Apart from highlights, you can enjoy all cricket related things from this single spot.

The addition of T20 format:

In test and ODI matches, all the players have to control their nerves for a long time, and then there comes the result. But in T20 format, all the players have to play a power packed game equipped with fours and sixes. This format of cricket is now the modern form of many cricket fans. There are many benefits of such format, and some of them are here.

It is the shortest form of cricket that saves a lot of your time. The second benefit is for the cricket fans. They can see their favorite players hitting big boundaries and their power packed performance that also show their skills in this game. Hundreds of T20 leagues are now in action, in which thousands of players are showing their extraordinary skills. They are also getting rewards for their brilliant performances and making a lot of money from that leagues. In short, this format has become the best form of cricket.

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